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A Camellia Calendar of Love

John Edwards (1915-2007), a Pensacola native and member of the Pensacola Camellia Club since 1937, left the growers of camellias a Camellia Calendar that represents ‘tender and loving care’ attitude. John loved camellias and expressed that love through his comment, “You can be down, you can be ill, but just go out there (his greenhouse) and see what God has created. It’s marvelous! I’d say this is the best therapy that ever was.”

Gene’s Camellia Nursery has an Excellent Outline of Camellia Care

January – Water well before freeze if extremely dry.
Plant new varieties; transplant older plants and complete potting program.
Continue ‘gibbing’ if you have suitable buds.
Compete in, and visit, Camellia Shows.

February – Time to begin your grafting program. Prune dead wood.
* Pickup and destroy fallen blooms. Compete in, and visit, Camellia Shows.
*(Fallen blooms create spores that cause petal blight.)

March – Complete grafting program. Fertilize.
*Pickup and destroy of fallen blooms.
Complete your pruning program and cut back large plants.
Compete in, and visit, Camellia Shows

April – Complete fertilization. Time to propagate by air layering plants.
Spray (after danger of frost). *Pickup and destroy fallen blooms.

May – Complete spraying of plants.

June – Water if too dry.

July – Water if too dry. Begin propagation from cuttings.
Light application of fertilizer (low in nitrogen content).
Summer grafting.

August – Water if too dry.
Complete light application of fertilizer.
Complete your cutting propagation.

September – Plant camellia seeds. Air layer plants should be ready to pot.
Spray if needed. Begin disbudding and ‘gibbing’ programs.

October – Complete disbudding of plants, and continue to pot air layer plants.
Mulch for winter months. Continue ‘gibbing’ program.

November – Water if too dry. Plant new varieties.
Transplant or repot plants. Continue ‘gibbing’ program.

December – Water if too dry, especially before a freeze.
Continue planting program. Continue ‘gibbing’ program.
*Pickup and destroy fallen blooms. Compete in, and visit, Camellia Shows.

The attention given to your plants expresses your love for them.

-- Adapted from John Edwards’ camellia calendar by Gordon E. Eade.
Appeared in PENSACOLA H&G , November 2007, p.72.


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