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Camellia Garden Tours & Sales

There is nothing camellia enthusiasts like more than the opportunity to go visit great camellia gardens during peak blooming season (February and March). Every year we offer two such opportunities.

1) Our permanent club garden at the University Of West Florida

In 2007 a partnership between the Camellia club, UWF and the UWF Retired Employees Assoc. resulted in the development of a permanent camellia garden on the UWF campus (directly in front of Building 58). The primary focus of the garden is to acquire a collection of every camellia variety developed and registered by Pensacola area hobbyists. To date over 80 of the more than 100 Pensacola varieties have been found. In addition we are selectively adding some of the best varieties from Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA. We invite you and your friends to visit the UWF garden often.

Directions to the UWF Camellia Garden: Our usual advice is to stop at the Visitor's Center as one enters the campus from University Parkway. The Visitor's Center can direct you and show you on the map.

If you decide to visit the garden on your own, then park in the lots marked W-Z (one can look East and see Escambia bay). Once you walk up the hill you will arrive at the Camellia Garden.

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2) Annual Camellia Garden Tour and Sale

Every February we select two camellia gardens to visit during peak blooming season and invite the community to come out and enjoy the wonder of Camellias. The Pensacola Camellia Club announces its annual garden tours and camellia plant sale:

2018 PCC Garden Tour & Plant Sale
FREE to the public

February 24, 2018
UWF Camellia Garden, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

The tours are free. Visitors may choose to visit some, or all, of the gardens. Camellia Club members will be available at each of the gardens to provide information on selecting, planting and care of camellia plants.

Dick Hooton, director of plant sales, said, "We will have many desirable varieties of camellias for sale. Our experts can advise about best varieties depending on your needs, whether primarily for landscaping or for especially desirable blooms. We have a large selection from obtained from nurseries as well as plants propagated by our club members."

Skip Vogelsang, Past President of the Club, said, "February is a peak month for camellia blooms. We invite the interested public to take this opportunity to see some exquisite blooms in well-groomed camellia gardens. We think that you will be inspired to add new varieties to your own garden. Our experts can help you choose plants which fit your taste and your location. We can advise about camellia care. We even will help with on-site advice about your camellias."

Camellia Sales

The Pensacola Camellia Club has a well developed system for acquiring and propagating some of the most highly prized varieties in the world. A privilege of membership is having access to the newest and best camellias before they are made available to the public. But many great camellias are available to the public throughout the year at our shows, workshops and tours. You can learn more by contacting Dick Hooton at 850-969-0001

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